Getting Started

How to create your first package, and add resources to it.

Creating Scripts

Step by step walkthrough for creating both simple and complex installation scripts.


How to deploy packages and remotely initialize them.


How much money do you waste on travel and third party resources for your global upgrades and deployments?

According to the average cost of software upgrades can range up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But these are not the only costs. There are additional costs of lost hours of productivity, which are nearly as much as the cash outlay for the deployment.

How do you mitigate these costs?

One of the biggest parts of a global upgrade are the client deployments.

Having the ability to create multiple installation configurations on the fly, and deploy as a package across your network, or the WAN is a huge advantage.

Client loads can be validated and pushed to the clients, well ahead of the upgrade date, and then initiated remotely from the Neat Package interface when you are ready.


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