Jeff Schulmeister

Founder & CEO

Meet the Founder

Started out as an Engineer and eventually migrated to the IT world, developing software for fortune 500 companies.

The founder is a hands-on Techie, who has risen in his respective profession to become the go-to guy for companies seeking robust solutions.

Saving one Fortune 300 company more than $800,000 during a global upgrade, Jeff Schulmeister is a proven innovator and problem solver.

His software has been used for tens of thousands of client facing upgrades and deployments with unsurpassed success.








Our Approach

Our Mission

To provide high-end affordable software to smaller customers who are under-served by the larger software companies.

We believe that there is a need for software that improves the effectiveness of smaller IT teams, without breaking the budget, in order to gain that competitive advantage.

Our Story

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

We've had experience with a wide array of companies over the years.

Everything from 50 employees to 100,000, and there was always a reluctance to spend IT dollars due to most IT departments being viewed as an expense, and not an asset.

Of course, the workload never decreased, as head counts were added to profit centers, while the IT staff remained stagnant.

It was clear that there needed to be a cheap alternative to software that would leverage smaller teams and increase productivity.


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